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TExES Qualifier: 177-Music-EC-12


The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) is the certification examination program. In the fall of 2002, the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) implemented a new teacher certification examination program that will, over the next few years, supplant the Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas (ExCET), which has been the state`s teacher certification exam since 1986.

TExES Qualifier tests are criterion-referenced examinations designed to measure a candidate`s knowledge in relation to an established criterion rather than to the performance of other candidates. All of the tests in the TExES programs contain multiple-choice questions.

  The TExES Qualifier 177-Music EC-12 is a 4 hour test and administered as a paper-based.

If you are a currently enrolled student at the University of Houston main campus, you will be billed $15.00.
The fee for non-UH students is $35.00.

Duration: Four hours

- Paper-based: Your scores will be available in two business days after 2:00 pm in Room 204 of the Student Service Center 1.  

You must present a current ID for your scores to be released.  In order to receive your scores, you must also create an account at https://testing.las.uh.edu  

If you wish to have your scores mailed, you should bring a self-addressed stamped envelope on the day of your test.  Please turn in your envelope during the check-in period prior to testing.

ALL TExES QUALIFIER EXAMS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. If you wish to change the test to a different test date and time, you must reregister and pay the full testing fee again..

Examinee must come at the scheduled test time and date.

Arriving 15 minutes after the scheduled test date and time is considered ABSENT and will have to register for another test date.

These practice tests are qualifying TExES examinations. You must pass a qualifying TExES with a score of 240 in order to receive a barcode for the official TExES. After you pass this exam, you must follow the guidelines for registering for the official TExES posted on the College of Education Certification page.

For preparation materials for the TExES, please visit TExES website at http://www.texes.ets.org/texes/prepMaterials/.

If you have a question about any of the TExES qualifying exams, please call the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC), Office of Accountability at (512) 238-3200.

Students taking the TExES Qualifier exam CANNOT take the same test on the same day.
If you take the same test on the same day, your test score will be


You may sign up online @ https://testing.las.uh.edu