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Spanish Placement

Students who have completed two or more years of Spanish in high-school within the past 5 years may not apply credit in SPAN 1501 and 1502 towards the degree and must take the computerized Spanish placement examination before enrolling in Spanish courses.

If you have Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate Degree (IB) test scores please submit your test scores to UH.


There are two Spanish Language tests offered at the University Testing Services for students based on their language background:

Upon submission of you Test Registration Request Form you will be provided information to schedule your remote test session.

  1. Spanish Placement test is for students who learned Spanish formally while in school and those students with no previous Spanish language knowledge or background
  2. Spanish Heritage test is for students who grew up in an environment where Spanish was spoken.  They may be fluent in Spanish or just understand it.

The test you choose depends on the answers to the following questions.  If you answer yes to any of the questions, you will need to take the Spanish Heritage test.  Spanish Heritage test allows you to receive course credit based on your test score.

Misrepresenting your background in Spanish in terms of living experience or prior academic study is a violation of the University of Houston Honesty Policy (article 3.03, item I.) and will be dealt with accordingly.

1.  When I was a child, Spanish was spoken in my house.
2.  I lived in a Spanish-speaking country for two years or longer.
3.  My first language was Spanish (or both Spanish and English).
4.  I speak Spanish, or both Spanish and English with my family and friends.
5.  My parents and/or grandparents often speak to me in Spanish.

If you answered Yes to any of the five questions you need to request the Spanish Heritage Test

Test Fee $15                 Remote Testing Fee:  $25

Submit Test Registration Request here: https://ussc.uh.edu/SpanStudentForm.aspx


If you answered NO to all of the questions above you need to take the Spanish Placement L2 test:

Test Fee $17.90            Remote Proctoring Fee $25

Submit Test Registration Request here: https://ussc.uh.edu/SpanStudentForm.aspx

Either Spanish Heritage Test or Spanish Placement L2 test based on your responses above.

You will be provided information to schedule your test remotely.

You may sign up online @ https://testing.las.uh.edu