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Biochemistry - Outcome Assessment

Outcome Assessment - Biochemistry is for selected biochemistry major at the University of Houston only.
Non-UH students are not allowed to take this test.

The content of the Outcome Assessment reflects the basic knowledge and understanding gained in the core undergraduate curriculum. The tests are multiple-choice examinations designed to assess mastery of concepts and principles as well as knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of a major in specific subject areas. They go beyond measurement of factual knowledge, however, because they also evaluate students` ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material.

Nonprogrammable calculators are permitted.  Periodic table will be provided.

There is no fee for this test.  However, there will be a "No-Show" fee, if you are registered to take the test, but do not show up to take the test.

You may sign up online @ https://testing.las.uh.edu