Directions and Parking


Testing Services is located on the second floor of the Student Service Center 1 building.

University of Houston
Room 204
Student Service Center 1
4365 Cougar Village Driv
Houston, TX. 77204-3025
(Building 524 on UH Campus Map)


A Test taker may be able to park in the metered parking spaces located in front of the Cougar Village residence hall. If you decide to purchase metered parking please ensure you purchase enough meter time to cover the duration of your testing session. We will not allow a test taker to leave during their examination to add additional time to the meter. We encourage you to include an additional hour for check-in and check-out procedures when purchasing metered parking.

You can park in the Welcome Center or Hilton Hotel parking garages. These are paid parking and the parking fees are listed below.

Directions to Parking Garage:
  1. Welcome Center
  2. Hilton Hotel

Directions to Testing Center from:
  1. Welcome Center Garage - Click Here
  2. Hilton Hotel Garage - Click Here

All Visitor/Patient Parking

Elapsed Time Rate
First 30 Minutes No charge
31 mins - 1 hour $4
1 - 2 hours $5
2 - 3 hours $6
3 - 4 hours $7
4 - 5 hours $18
5 - 6 hours $12
6 - 7 hours $14
Evening rates
Evening rate
(after 4 p.m. on weekdays)
Weekend and university holidays $5

** Rates at the Hilton Hotel may vary