Testing Services

Physics 1321 - Departmental Credit

Students wishing to receive credit for Physics courses must get approval from Dr. Pinsky with the Physics Department, Rm 412 S&R I Building. Students may print the PERMISSION SLIP, or pick up a PERMISSION SLIP from University Testing Services, 204 Student Service Center, and take it to Dr. Pinsky`s office. Dr. Pinsky will complete the form and send it to UTS office. Please make sure to call UTS at 713.743.5444 (& press 7) to check whether UTS has the PERMISSION SLIP prior to take the test.

Fee: $50.00
Duration Three hours

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Students taking a Department Credit exam must be enrolled at the University of Houston to have credit awarded and must not be registered for the course for which credit is being attempted.

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If you are not present for the test, you may within 15 days of the original test date receive a 50% refund of your test fees. .

You may sign up online @ https://testing.las.uh.edu