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CHEM 1331

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Prerequisite: MATH 1330 or equivalent and successful completion of the chemistry placement test*. For science and engineering majors. May not beapplied toward a degree until CHEM 1111 is successfully completed. Credit may not be applied to a degree for both CHEM 1331 and CHEM 1301.General principles, fundamental laws, atomic & molecular structure, states of matter, & elementary inorganic, nuclear, & organic chemistry. 
ALL CHEM 1331 students must take the PA placement test this semester at CASA (Aug. 14 - Aug. 29.) Get your Blackboard & CASA accounts ASAP.

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Required Text

Zumdahl and Zumdahl “Chemistry, An Atoms First Approach” 2nd Ed., UH Custom 2nd Edition, Cengage Learning, 2016

Required Calculator
Nonprogrammable, non-graphing scientific calculator such as a TI-30Xa or equivalent. (No Alpha, eqn. solve. functions, or cell phone calculator use)

Web Support
Weekly homework assignments, PA test and exams in CASA testing center are given on Blackboard (Bb). www.uh.edu/blackboard

(1) CHEMISTRY Help Desk, 220F, weekdays (2) LAUNCH, Cougar Village (bldg. 563), room N109 713-743-5411 (www.las.uh.edu/LSS (3) Office hours

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    From High School chemistry:
  1. Identify the types and numbers of subatomic particles that are present in atoms, isotopes and ions and calculate the average atomic mass or percentage composition of isotopes given appropriate information.
  2. Categorize elements as metals or non-metals and indicate whether they belong to the Main Group or Transition Metal blocks of the periodic table. Be Familiar with the feautures of the Periodic Table, including periods, groups, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens and noble gases.
  3. Identify elements up to atomic number 36 and their compounds by name and formulas; predict the formulas of binary ionic compounds, from the formula assign compounds as ionic or molecular(covalent).
  4. Use the Laws of Conservation of Mass and Constant Composition to obtain mass relationships in chemical compounds and reactions including mass percent composition.
  5. Assign or recognize the names of common chemical compounds, including those with common polyatomic ions(e.g., sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, acetate, perchlorate, ammonium, etc.), from the formulas and assign formulas from the names.
  6. Know the common strong acids; calculate pH or pOH given a strong acid or base concentration.
  7. Calculate the value of properties of matter such as density in specified units. given appropriate information.

  8. From High School mathematics:
  9. Solve algebraic expressions with one variable and obtain the value of the expression using a basic scientific calculator (TI30Xa or equivalent). Expressions may typically contain exponential, logs(log or ln), roots and terms raised to positive or negative powers.
  10. Extract information from linear plots (e.g., slopes and intercepts) and non-linear plots.
  11. Apply the rules of significant figures to obtain numeric values (from rounding and math operations) with the correct number of significant figures.
  12. Solve mathematical expressions representing physical relationships (for example Graham’s and Charles’s Laws) for parameters such as diffusion rates or times required for diffusion given appropriate data or data plots where the slope or the intercept can be evaluated to find the needed information.
  13. Carry out unit conversions among Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit temperature values and volume, mass, density, length, etc. quantities to obtain values in specified units.know and use the common prefixes for SI units.
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Resources: Please log into the UH BlackBoard site, available from your AccessUH portal, to see review materials and sample test items. https://accessuh.uh.edu

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