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Arabic Departmental Credit

The Arabic Placement exam with test course credit will place you into ARAB 1501, ARAB 1502, ARAB 2301, ARAB 2302, ARAB 3301 or ARAB 3302.You may receive a maximum of thirteen hours of test course credit based on your test scores.

The Arabic Credit test has two components, an oral section and a writing section.
Plan about an hour for the oral portion and 2 hours for the writing section.

The test will be administered at the Testing Center.

You have to complete the Oral and Writing test at the testing center.

Dates: By Appointment
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: 204 Student Service Center
Fee: $209
Duration: Written 2 hours & Oral One hour
Results Available: Two weeks

Students taking a Department Credit exam must be enrolled at the University of Houston to have credit awarded and must not be registered for the course for which credit is being attempted. Please follow the Instructions in the link below.
You have to make the payment for the test when you order it.

Office location:
Testing Services
The University of Houston
Student Service Center 1
Rm 204
4365 Wheeler Street
Houston, TX 77204-3025
Phone: (713) 743-5444