Distance Assessment

Correspondence/Distance Education Testing

The University Testing Service serves as a proctor site for numerous university and institution nationally and internationally. The tests may be in the traditionally paper and pencil, or delivered on the web.

Students attending other colleges may have their examinations administered at the University of Houston. Students must have the other university mail test materials to the University of Houston.

Like the University's mission, we were developed to facilitate the access and placement of diverse student groups, to enhance and facilitate the learning process and to benefit current, past and future students, as well as citizens of the greater Houston area.

Distance Assessment Guidelines
Step 1 : "Register as a new user" in testing services to create a username and password.Use these credentials to login into Distance Assessments.
Step 2 : Submit Distance Assessment PROCTOR REQUEST along with your universities proctoring forms if applicable.
Step 3 : You will receive an email confirmation from UH Testing Services.
Step 4 : Upon confirmation you are asked to Register for the Test requested.
Step 5 : Appointment time will be allocated by testing services for you to take the test.

Distance Assessment Fee Particulars :

Exam Type Exam Fee
1) University Paper and Pencil Test (Texas/In-State) a)$20.00 per test for UH students.(up to 3hrs)
b) $25.00 per test for non-UH students.(up to 3hrs)
2) University Paper and Pencil Test (U.S/Out-of-State) a) $25.00 per test for UH students (up to 3 hrs.)
b) $30.00 per test for non-UH students (up to 3 hrs.)
3) International Universities Paper and Pencil a) $15.00/hour
b) $25.00/hour
c) $50.00 flat rate
4) Web-Based testing a) UH students: $20.00/test for up to 2 hours; $10.00/hr. for each additional hour.
b) Non-UH students: $30.00/ test for up to 2 hours; 15/hr. For each additional hour.
5) Agency –Refers to test companies a)Charge for Group Testing:
i) $150.00 for 1-5 examinees for 4 hours or half day.
ii) $300.00 for 1-5 examinees for 8 hours or one day.
b)Charge for Individual:
i) $50.00 per person for 4 hours or half day.
6) Corporations a) $20.00/hour.
b) $25.00/hour.
c) $75.00/hour.
d) $30.00/test.
e) Other fee.

Testing Hours:
Monday - Tuesday, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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